- Classic massage: therapeutic, sport massage, deep tissues massage, prophylactic massage.

- Traditional Chinese massage (AN-MO) with Chiropractic.

- Combined therapeutic massage: high quality therapy, a combination of classic Chinese massage, thermos-therapy, chiropractic and reflexology.

- Oriental Reflexology (foot, hands, face, ears, head).

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

- Massage with aromatherapy and hot stones, for therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

- Deep tissue massage with chiropractic  and personal detoxification regime. Time 90 min, 70 lv.

- Deep tissue massage with Hot stonе therapy and Reiki - Removes pains on the body and gives deep relaxation. Excellent cleanses the subtle energy bodies of the aura and eliminates the nervous tension !! Time 60 min. , 55 lv.

We also offer

- Auriculotherapy (over the ears).

- Desintoxification of the organism with natural juices, fasts, and more.

- Chiropractic (spine).

- Diagnostic of the thin bodies and chakras, and normalization/regulation of their functions.

- Elaboration of a personalized regime with natural therapies for the correction of health problems. This is bases on diets, herbal tea, bio products, and other physical and energetic therapies.

We have more than 85% success treating the following health problems


Problems with the skeletal system:
* Discopathy, Skoliosis, Radiculitis, Hernia discalis, Osteoarthritis, Neuralgia and others
Problems in the internal organs, endocrine system, and more.
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