Manual lymphatic drainage

This massage is specially designed to eliminate lymph edemas in the body, when these are not caused by an infection, or in the case of cancer patients. Lately, this has been the type of massage most recommended by plastic surgeons for the fast recovery of the patient following plastic surgery. Thanks to this massage, the recovery time is sometimes halved.

Excellent for people with problems connected with lymph circulation in the legs and feet, swollen ankles, as well as for those wishing to get rid of painful cellulitis, and of primary importance for patients who have been bed-ridden for a long time.

This is a very slow and superficial massage, aimed at setting the stagnant lymph in motion in a very gentle and painless way, excluding any friction or deep-tissue techniques. Duration: between 40 and 90 minutes.

Performed by a certified massager.

Price of the service – 40 BGN and 80 BGN, respectively.